There's nothing like a good night's sleep. Not bragging, but as soon as I hit the pillow, I am out. My wife, not so much. I do consider myself lucky that I don't have issues getting to sleep.

As best I can recall, I have several dreams each night. Some I remember, others, I just recall a small piece of the dream. And many don't make much sense. According to Chambers & Bloom, the average person has three to five dreams per night...some even up to seven.

The study notes that dreams last longer as the night progresses. I don't know if this is common, but if I wake up near the time I get up for the day, but fall back to sleep for another 15-30 minutes, I will immediately begin dreaming again.

Chambers & Bloom state that for an eight-hour sleep, most dreams will occur in the typical two hours of REM (rapid-eye movement.) If you are like me, you have some dreams that repeat themselves. They may not be exact, but the basic subject is the same.

I have had many dreams over the course of my radio career, where I am having trouble finding the next record to play before the song currently on the air, ends. It's sure a stressful dream.

I asked recently on social media, "What is your most common dream?" to find out what others dream about over and over. Check out these interesting answers.

  • Annette P. - Not sure about common, but last night I had a dream that I had to ride a bicycle from here to Florida within 14 hours in windy conditions. Not that I stress much.
  • Sheryl S. - When I get to work and someone is in my seat and there are no others open.
  • Frank R. - Something to do with my car all the time. I can never find it in a parking lot in my dream.
  • Phyllis H. - I need a bathroom, badly, and the toilets don't work, overflow, there's no privacy in public bathrooms, or there's just a hole in the floor...and then I wake up cuz I need a bathroom, badly.
  • Kelly N. - Running late and can't find my keys, glasses, or other essential items. I either can't find them, or I do but lose something else!! Sometimes I realize it's a dream just before I wake up!
  • David L. - I'm a passenger in a car that's heading towards a huge city off in the distance. It's always a really cool-looking massive modern city. I'm usually only in the car traveling for a few minutes but somehow I'm thousands of miles and many hours from home.
  • Darryl C. - I gotta pee!!!!
  • Mark W. - Rats. There are rats in my attic, rats in the basement, and rats coming out of holes in the ground. What does it mean?
  • Corey S. - Lol, I can't say it's too good, lol just saying.
  • Jesse C.- Death.
  • Anthony F. - Strangers.
  • Russ J. - Not a dream...a Nightmare. They called and made me go back to Vietnam. Still get them.

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