In New York, we can get 5 cents for returning a recyclable can or bottle.  But what do you do with your cans and recyclable bottles when you don't care to take them back?

Many people simply throw them in the trash only to have them sit in our landfills.

When it's football season, you will often see cans and bottles scattered all across parking lots.  I was super confused the first time I saw this years ago.  I was wondering why people wouldn't just either take them back to the store or put them in the trash like civilized human beings.  Then I realized there was a method to the messiness.

People were just tossing them in a pile so that the people that did want to take them back could just gather them up without having to dive through the trash.  They were just there in a neat pile ready to be picked up by whoever was ambitious enough to take them back.

Often in the city, people still toss their cans and bottles in the trash because they don't care to take them back to the store.  But what if there was a simple solution to keep those things out of our landfills and help the people who DO want to get the return on them.

Check out this example that I saw on Reddit:

This example is from Norway, but do you think it would work for here?

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