Some people think that wearing shoes in the house is a gross idea, while others don't see an issue with it. What do you think?

A few years ago I was at a New York Giants football game and witnessed a girl vomit on the steps as she stumbled up them towards the exit. And, I then watched everyone after her step in it, not knowing what just happened.

From that day forward I pledged to NEVER wear my shoes in the house.

According to ACB13 News, taking your shoes off at the door is a great idea.

Researchers swabbed the soles of over 60 pairs of shoes found that 40 percent contained C. difficile, a species of bacteria that can cause nasty symptoms.

"Carpets especially can be a reservoir for contaminated soil especially can be a reservoir for contaminated soil and dust."

I know it can be a hassle to take your shoes off every time you walk in the door, but think about what you could be dragging through your house.

[via: ABC13 News]

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