How many recurring characters have been on The Simpsons over its 28 seasons -- a hundred? Two hundred? A million? Whatever it is, Lil Yachty went on The Tonight Show to perform an homage to his favorite 59. Why 59? Doesn't matter, just go with it. And Jimmy Fallon is right there beside him with flashcards to help you visualize exactly who Rex Banner is.

With news breaking Tuesday night (June 14) that President Donald Trump is now personally under investigation for obstruction of justice regarding the Russia scandal, Trump did exactly what we've come to expect: whine about it on Twitter.

But is it really a witch hunt? (Sorry, WITCH HUNT.) Jimmy Kimmel decided it would be best to ask a real witch (played by Andy Samberg) to get to the truth:

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah reminded everyone that the whole Trump-Russia thing is distracting us from what's going on over in Congress, where Republicans are secretly constructing a health care bill that will take insurance a way from millions in order to give rich people a huge tax cut.

The version of the bill that passed the House of Representatives is favored by a mere 17 percent of Americans. "Do you know how small 17 percent is?" Noah asks. "If you were a kid and you got 17 percent on a test, your parents wouldn't ground you. They wouldn't beat you. Because you just wouldn't go home. You would just look at that paper and be like, 'Well, I guess my life as a drifter begins..." A drifter with no hope of getting health insurance, that is.

And over on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert shared the 27th edition of Midnight Confessions, and it was a good one. "I dropped my iPhone in the toilet," Colbert solemnly admits, "but I told the guy at the Apple store it fell off my speedboat."

Who among us hasn't told some version of that fib?

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