It’s hard to pull off the Emmys live under normal circumstances. And nothing in 2020 is under normal circumstances. So really, what happened tonight was just par for the course.

One of the early gags on the Emmys involved Jimmy Kimmel “sanitizing” the first award envelope because, y’know, coronavirus and all and you can never be too careful. So after disinfecting the envelope with a little Lysol (which is apparently extremely flammable) he tossed it in a garbage can and set the whole thing on fire. Present Jennifer Aniston then put the fire out with a nearby extinguisher. And then... 2020 reared its head again and the fire roared back to life.

Over and over again. The fire got waist high before they finally put it out for good.

Watch for yourself:

That fire actually got really big there at the end, and Kimmel and Aniston didn’t even see it until someone off camera screamed “Put it out!” at them. Thankfully that fire extinguisher was full and up to date. With everything else going on, we did not need the Emmys burning down right in the middle of the show. That would have been really bad for everyone involved.

For the full list of winners at tonight’s Emmys, click here. The whole show has been, dare we say, on fire. (Sorry, we’ll see ourselves out.)

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