Now that the holidays are wrapping up, you probably noticed all of the extra trash that you accumulated from presents, dinner parties, and other events. So with that waste, here's how you can recycle some of it.

  • Wrapping paper as you are probably drowning in gift wrap at this point. Some wrapping paper can be recycled. How you know? Tear off a small piece of the wrapping paper and ball it up in your hand. If the paper remains in that ball when you open your hand, it should be good to recycle. If not, then unfortunately you have to throw it away.
  • Cards which you probably don't want to throw away right now, but in a few months you'll be getting Valentine's Day cards and you'll need to make space for those new cards. Greeting cards are generally recyclable, but you will need to remove any glitter or bow attachments if they exist.
  • Trees if you got a real Christmas tree this year, those can be recycled! Just make sure you remove all decorations from the tree before you recycle it.

The holidays are a lot of fun, but they can make a lot of waste! Recycling as much as you can can help make your holidays just a little less wasteful this year.

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