In less than two weeks, I am going on vacation to Cape Cod! You can bet that I am going to drink and eat to my heart's content while I am there. Bustle explains that there are ways to insure that you can drink safely while on vacation.

  • Only drink cocktails that you can watch being made as that can help you feel better knowing that no one else has tampered with your drink at all. It's always good, too, to order a drink that you know all of the ingredients to so that you can recognize if something is getting added to your drink that you know should not be in the drink.
  • Opt for canned or bottled drinks such as beer or hard cider as a way to feel safer while on vacation knowing that nothing was put in your drink or in the glass without your knowledge. Never letting your drink out of your sight is very important as well.
  • Seek help if you are feeling weird in any way. Have a plan in place with your friends, and perhaps even a code phrase or word, so that you can all leave together if anything were to happen.

Vacations can be a lot of fun, and so relaxing! Drinking on the beach or on a boat or other public places is common while vacationing with friends and family. Learn how you can drink safely and implement these tips if you want to help you and your loved ones to have fun safely.

(via Bustle)

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