There are many different kinds of love, the love you have for your parents, the love you have for your pets, your first love, the "one that got away" love, and then there is soul mate love. Pucker Mob has compiled a list of ways a soul mate loves you differently from any other love. See if you agree with these.

  • He keeps his promises, and that's even the little things such as what time he'll pick you up for a date.
  • He makes an effort with your friends and family by remembering the kind of wine that your mother loves to drink, or your best friend's favorite movie.
  • He'll laugh at your jokes even when he's heard you tell the same ones to different groups of people, he'll still laugh like it's the first time you've told them.
  • You can trust him to keep your secrets even when they're really embarrassing or funny, you know he won't tell anyone.
  • He'll make an effort to grow with you so that you two don't grow apart.
  • He realized why it never worked out with anyone else but he hadn't met you yet.

I believe that everyone has a soul mate, so be patient because your other half is out there looking for you, too.

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