Over the weekend, I had family stay over at my house. So all last week, I really tried to get my house looking cleaner than average, and one of the things that bugged me once everyone was there was that my kitchen sponge just looked so dirty. No one mentioned it, but I was embarrassed by my sponge!

So I looked it up, and apparently the more often you use your kitchen sponge, the more often it needs to be replaced because it is just a big bacterial petri dish because of the dampness of the kitchen sink that it lives in. So if you use your kitchen sponge every day, you should be changing your sponge out every week. If you eat out more than you eat in and therefore use less dishes, you can keep your sponge a little bit longer before swapping it out.

Now if you're like me and you want your sponge just to look cleaner than it really is, you can clean it with diluted bleach or a vinegar mixture. That can give a little more life to your sponge especially if people are coming over (even though they definitely won't care!).

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