Well men, you are probably going to hate me after this article because I'm basically going to call you out hahah, but just remember I did not conduct this survey myself and I am just the middle message woman!

Now, with that being said... It seems that today's modern man lack a certain set of skills that men in the past excelled in. And of course this is not true for every man, going through the list I tested to see which skills my boyfriend Rob has, and he's doing pretty well!!

But for the most part throughout the course of history there have been a set of skills considered "essential" for guys to know how to do. The company Wahl, the leader in men's grooming, wanted to know how many of todays modern men (ie. millennials) could preform these "essential" skills versus older gentlemen (baby boomers) !

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For the study, Wahl identified nine skills that have long been identified as essential for men and asked 1,000 guys nationwide to weigh in on their ability to perform them. Here's how baby boomers and millennials responded when asked:

1. Shining your shoes. Older men are 38% more likely to know how to do that.
2. Fixing a leaky faucet, Only 35% of millennials knew how
3. Changing the oil in your car, Half of millennials know how to do this (thank goodness) & 75% of baby boomer men knew how to!
4. Changing a diaper, Shockingly 50% of millennial men know how to!
5. Growing and maintaining a nice beard, Baby booming men take this one by 12%.
6. Throwing or hitting a curveball, sad number on this... 29% of millennials and only 35% of older men know how!

There were only 2 skills where younger men had the edge over the baby boomers. Young guys are 11% more likely to know how to cut their own hair, and 2% more likely to be able to make fire without matches. The hair one, I understand... but with all the lighters out there nowadays it seems weird millennials are leaning more towards matches!

So how does your guy stand up? Is he manly enough?!