I used to think that double dipping was disgusting and then I became a mom. Now hold on a second! Hear me out. I still think that double dipping is disgusting...unless your name is John and you’re my four-year-old kid who insists on sharing all of your food with me. I’ve given up fighting off the food being shoved into my face and have embraced that if I don’t open my mouth when tiny hands are coming my way, the food is probably going to end up on my clothes or in my hair.

Let's face it, there’s pretty much nothing more disgusting than someone who dips their chip or veggies, takes a bite and then goes back for another dip. Especially when that person is Uncle Fred’s girlfriend Janice’s nephew Billy who somehow randomly showed up at your BBQ and is now eating everything in sight. And he's double dipping.

Not be a Debby Downer, but here’s something else to make your stomach turn. Not only is double dipping disgusting, but the act could lead to strep and even herpes. Fantastic.

There’s a TV show called Food Unwrapped and on a recent episode, microbiologists revealed that all it takes is for the saliva from one double dipper to contaminate your favorite party dip. The experts claim that the saliva left behind from a double dipper is filled with bacteria, and in some cases, viruses, and that all of that grossness doubles in size, right in your container of taco dip, in just an hour. And then, when you shovel the dip into your mouth, you’re ingesting whatever bacteria was left in the dip and in turn opening yourself up to all sorts of loveliness.

So, yeah. I’m either going to walk around with my own personal bottle of ranch or I’m going to make sure to put out individual dipping cups the next time I have a party. How about you?

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