Binghamton has so many awesome restaurants, and every time a new one pops up, I feel like I have to try it right away! Delish explains that there are ways to tell if a restaurant is actually good before you even try their food.

  • If it's crowded than it's probably delicious! Granted, unless it just opened then everyone is probably just there to try it for the first time like you are. But for long established restaurants, a crowd is a good sign of good food.
  • No sign is a good sign because word of mouth is sometimes all a good restaurant needs in order to get customers. It doesn't need to advertise it's location or specials, people just come after already hearing how good it is from other people.
  • Booths in a restaurant rank high on people's list for what qualifies as a good place to eat. Unless you're sitting on the inside, I guess. Either way, atmosphere certainly plays into how good the food seems to be, for sure.

Restaurant Week in Binghamton starts next week, so that would be the perfect time to scope out a new favorite place to grab dinner in town.

(via Delish)

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