Ah, Mother Nature. She sure loves to throw it all at us around the country. Keeping us on our feet, I guess.

Today, according to the National Weather Service Binghamton, we will be experiencing what I believe will be the hottest day of 2020 so far. And the hot temperatures will continue for the next couple of days before a cool down on Saturday and Sunday. Why is it our weekends so far this spring seem to experience a big drop in temperatures?

We will be experiencing temperatures close to 90 today and Wednesday before dropping a bit on Thursday and Friday, and then just in time for the weekend, another 10 degree or more drop in temperatures, although we may experience sunny days.

Well, at least that's the forecast for now. As you know, weather predictions days out in the Southern Tier of New York can be very fickle. Although I do prefer temperatures to hover between 70 and 75 with low humidity under a party cloudy day. Kind of like what the weather was on Monday. That's a great scenario for lounging outside in your backyard, a park or at the campground. Even taking a road trip like I did to Elmira on Monday, with my van windows down, cruising down the highway...it's my favorite kind of weather.

This week, if you are not happy with the hot temperatures, just be lucky you are not around Laramie. Wyoming. The National Weather Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming has reported heavy snow in areas above 7000 feet with up to six inches in some places. Lucky for them, it should all melt by the afternoon.

Or maybe you'd prefer a good old snowstorm in June. It's happened in the past. I'll take the hot temperatures please and thank you.

via National Weather Service Binghamton and National Weather Service Cheyenne

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