Halloween was this past Monday and I'm sure you've been loving on that candy! And even if you don't have a child (like me) you buy your own Halloween candy just to eat it yourself hahaha!

Well all that candy is not good for, and I'm sure you already know that!!! And the worst part is this is the season for eating.... Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or Hanukkah dinner, and it's for the majority cold outside which means not a ton of working out!


So the best thing to do is to rid your body of all that candy toxin and get back to feeling good!!! Here are a few tips on how to get that candy out of your system so you can have a great week! (and not a sugar block of a week hahah)

1. Drink more water. Water is a good cure for everything. It'll help you flush out all the sugar you ate this week and give you more energy to get through the day.

2. Break the sugar addiction. Eating a lot of sugar can make you crave it even more. So to break the cycle, try feeding that sugar craving with some fruits and veggies instead.

3. Move more. Get your metabolism going and sweat out all that bad stuff with an intense workout. Or even just go for a walk, whatever it takes to get you a little more active than usual!

I hope this helps even a tad and you start feeling better in no time!!! See the rest of the detox list, here!!!

[VIA: PopSugar ]

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