Look, I think we all owe a serious debt of gratitude to Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends.

These men have all taken one for the team.

Not by dating Tay, of course. She's smart, talented, beautiful, ostensibly fun until the breakup and inevitably soul-crushing hit single...

That's right: I'm talking about the songs she writes about her exes.

But things have just been taken to a new level. If you dated her before, you knew what you were in for--probably a lovely if short-lived relationship and then to have that relationship frozen in time and your dating reputation enshrined in infamy.

Taylor Swift is now writing songs about her exes for other artists. We're pretty sure.

At the country music awards on Sunday Sugerland lead singer Jennifer Nettles was asked by People about their Taylor-penned song--a future single--and refused to say, rather coyly, whether or not it was about one of Taylor's exes.

Translation: it is.

That's right. It wasn't enough for Taylor to destroy all of her exes in the minds of her own fans. She is now expanding genres, conquering multiple forms of media, reaching out through a cross-generational multi-platform omni-present messaging strategy that will. destroy. you. for. all. future. relationships.

When will the cost of dating Taylor Swift be too high?

Probably never. She is pretty great.

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