Just in time for summer, you can buy your own personal Slushie machine. You can mix some cool beverages for the kids and add some special ingredients for the adults at your parties. According to Simplemost.com, you can now buy a Slush Puppie Machine that fits right on your counter at home. Firebox, an online retailer, is selling them now. If you love the Slushies you got at the local gas station and thought that was the only place you would ever get one, now you can make them at home.

Think of all of the possibilities. All you need is a little bit of counter space or an area by the pool with an outlet and you can dream up any concoction. The only ingredients you will need is ice, juice syrup, table salt and if you want to add your favorite liquor like vodka.

photo credit: Firebox

The Slush Puppie Machine will run you $50.99. I personally think it's the perfect addition to the campsite, outdoor patio, deck, and even your kitchen. Many reviews rave about it. They say that it is quick and very easy to use.

To purchase your very own Slush Puppie Machine, click HERE.

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