So how did your garden grown this year?  If it wasn't a stellar year, you are not alone. This was a challenging year for Binghamton area gardens as drought conditions and record hot 90+ degree temperatures kept gardeners in the Southern Tier in serious watering mode.  You really had to if you wanted to have a decent crop this growing season.  If you are a Southern Tier farmer, it was filled with even greater challenges.

If you look at Traci Taylor's excellent post on Apple and Pumpkin picking, you will notice that some of the favorite apple orchards had weather related challenges of their own this year.

So when there is locally grown produce, you should celebrate.  One way to do that and fill your tummy with some fine food is with the 7th Annual Fresh Food Off, this Tuesday (September 27), 5:30-7:30pm at the fabulous Broome County Regional Farmers Market, located at 840 Upper Front Street in Binghamton.

Cornell Cooperative Extension puts on the event that they describe as a "friendly competition of local chefs using locally grown products and ingredients."   You must admit, it sounds delicious and fun!  This year's Fresh Food Off will feature over 15 local restaurants including returning champions Social on State and BUCampusFood. 

You can pick up tickets in advance at Cornell Cooperative Extension or at the event Tuesday night in Binghamton.