When you love anything too much, you might consider it an addiction. Bustle believes that there are some foods that if you eat them too much, you might be addicted to them. See if you eat any of these foods.

  • Chocolate can certainly be addictive, but not for the reasons you might think because it's actually because of the caffeine in the cocoa that keeps you coming back for more. If you feel like you need chocolate or you get a headache if you go a day without having any, then you could very well be addicted.
  •  Diet soda is a great way to enjoy a bubbly drink without the added sugar or calories, but the artificial sweeteners in the diet drink is the reason why you keep going back for another one. You might enjoy diet soda multiple times a day because you've gained a dependence on it. It could be time to quit!
  • Salt intake can give you a reward sensation similar to drugs that release dopamine into your system. Just like with sugar, that makes it very hard for you to walk away after just a few potato chips or bites of ramen noodles.

A lot of foods can be both emotionally and mentally addicting because of the associations that we make with them, but addiction to anything can be harmful and should be confronted and eliminated (the addiction, not the chocolate or sweets all together).

(via Bustle)

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