2020. The year when parents all around the world re-discovered what we already knew but didn't vocalize loud enough or often enough before...our teachers are amazing!

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Parents who had never taught their children before the coronavirus pandemic were thrust into a few different scenarios which involved at least some sort of at home education and it was then that we realized how much we take our teachers for granted for all they pour into our kids who can be, in all honesty, trying to say the least.

Maybe your kid has gifted their teacher with an apple basket for Christmas in the past. Or maybe it was a homemade pencil holder made out of a tin can. Cute and sweet, but are they really gifts that teachers want?

Although they'd never say otherwise, teachers are thankful of the gifts given to them, we can do better, especially after the events of this year brought to light how amazing our teachers really are.

I decided to reach out to some of my teachers friends to see what they really wish for and thought that I'd share that information with you. It's getting pretty last minute so  order online and have shipped to the teacher in your life, but if you do it today, they'll definitely get their gift before Christmas.

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