Happiness is something that we all try to achieve. No one wants to be unhappy. Bustle says that there are some things that you can do in your every day life to help you find more happiness.

  • Be kind to yourself as well as to those around you. When we are kind, the brain reacts and releases serotonin which gives us a feeling of a better mood as well as dopamine which gives off a feeling that is sometimes called a "helper's high".
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables because a study has shown that getting the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables every day has an equivalent increase in life satisfaction to landing a new job after being unemployed for some time.
  • Sing your heart out! It has been shown that singing in a community group can lower your anxiety and depression as well as boost your overall well-being. La la la la la!

Bringing more happiness into your life doesn't have to cost you anything or take up a lot of time from your day. Allowing yourself to be happy shouldn't be complicated.

(via Bustle)

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