Patriarchy standing on your way? Go ahead and jump on over it, Emma Watson urges in a brand new video project that's keeping her women's rights wheel a-rollin'.

The noted feminist, who's served as United Nations' Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014, narrates a new, short clip called "Hurdles" that looks back at women's achievements with a lens on the 100-meter hurdles race at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Watson's emboldening affirmations paired with Sia's "Chandelier" tie together scenes of athletes preparing, getting pumped and leaping into action.

"We've sacrificed, fought, campaigned, succeeded, been knocked back and succeeded again," Watson says over the grainy footage as captions chronicle important points in women's history. "In a race for justice, we've leapt over countless obstacles to win our rights."

"The race is still on every day of every year of our lives," she adds. "But we will cross the finishing line. No one can stop us."

Watson's already aspired to a long list of feminism-related triumphs. In February, she told Paper she planned to take off acting for a year just to focus her efforts on learning, growing and putting good into the world.

"I want to listen to as many different women in the world as I can,” she said. “I see so many women struggling with issues of self-esteem. They know and they hear it and they read it in magazines and books all the time that self-love is really important, but it’s really hard to actually do."

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