After 41 years and hundreds of entertaining comedies, dramas and musicals, the popular Cider Mill Playhouse is at a crossroads with the decision of the Cider Mill owner to not  extend or renew the lease of the playhouse.

The Cider Mill Playhouse has had challenges in the past and thankfully the board has decided to move forward and look for a new location before the lease ends in August of 2017.

According to a statement issued by Cider Mill Playhouse officials, "Our ticket prices account for only about half of what we must raise each year to operate, and we try very hard to keep those tickets affordable for our patrons. The balance of our funding comes from advertisers, sponsors, donors, and grant support. Besides our monthly rent with the Cider Mill we rent a separate space for our scene shop, rehearsal room, costume shop, and properties/wardrobe storage. We also house out-of-town directors, designers, technicians, stage managers, and actors." 

According to, they will soon begin a capital campaign with a goal to raise between $250,000 to $500,000 with the latter goal to hopefully find a new venue in the Endicott area.

Here are 5 things the community can do to keep the Cider Mill playhouse afloat.

  1. Support the current season, buy tickets, attend the shows and spread the word how great the Cider Mill Playhouse is for our community.  'When In Carthage' is the current show playing at the Cider Mill through October 2nd.  Click HERE to see the rest of the Cider Mill Playhouse lineup. Sadly, this will be the last year for 'A Christmas Carol' at the current location.
  2. Attend the Casino Night, October 15th, a major fundraiser for the Cider Mill Playhouse.
  3. Contribute.  If you are know of area businesses, corporations or individuals that are able to make a monetary or advertising donation, contact the Cider Mill Playhouse board.
  4. Follow the Cider Mill Playhouse on their Facebook page for the latest updates.
  5. Volunteer.  Get involved and join the team.


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