What is your favorite thing autumn? For me it has to be the leaves changing; the colors, smells and sights are just absolutely beautiful (especially in this area!). But, Halloween and the smells of fall have to be close seconds in my favorite things!


Fall literally (said that in my Rob Lowe "Parks & Rec" voice haha!) has some of the best smells compared to any other season! From apples, to cinnamon, to the leaves (yes even they have a smell!).

So how awesome would it be if these incredible autumn smells that make us so happy... are also very good for our health!! Well a new research study found just that; a simple sniff can cause you to experience these warm and fuzzy feelings.

Below are just a few of the smells and benefits we get from autumn!
1. Cinnamon - A recent study found it can improve your motor skills, memory, and attention span.

2. Pumpkin - It's an aphrodisiac for men. A study in 2014 found it worked on about 40% of guys when it was mixed with lavender.

3. Apples - A study in 2008 found the smell of apples can help with minor headaches, and even relieve migraines for some people.

4. Nutmeg - Studies have found that burning nutmeg incense can help you relax and fall asleep. And there's also a compound in it that might block the enzyme that contributes to Alzheimer's disease.
[VIA: HuffingtonPost ]