Each relationship is different and each communicates in their own unique way! Some people need to yell to get their feelings across, other need to write it down, some people just don't say anything and bottle it up!

But sometimes you men (sorry!) are just too dumb to understand what we women really want or are saying! So I'm going to try and help you out a little bit! There are certain things each woman does to let her man know she's angry... and now we're going to let you in on our secret!!

Huffington Post asked a bunch of married females what passive-aggressive techniques they use when they're mad at their husbands... and surprisingly enough, none of them said, "What?  I'm never passive-aggressive."

Here's just a few signs you can look for:

1. Nodding yes to everything he says with a nasty half-smile.

2. Ordering take-out food for yourself and pretending you didn't think he'd want it too.

3. Getting ahead a few episodes on the show you were binge watching together.

4. Responding to every question with a question. Like, if he says, "What's for dinner?" you respond, "I don't know, what IS for dinner?"

5. Responding to questions with a tone that's TOO polite.

6. Walking around naked but refusing to have sex.