If I have seen one photo of someone making the duckface I've seen a million! Good news if you roll your eyes like I do at the duckface...it's over.

You probably know about the DUCKFACE, even if you've never done it yourself.  It's that face women make in selfies to look sexy, where they pucker their lips like they're about to kiss someone.

Well, duckface is OVER.  The new sexy pose for selfies is "fingermouthing."  That's where you gently and strategically position your fingers on and around your lips.

Maybe you're pulling on your lips a little, maybe just brushing against them, whatever it takes to look sexy and flirtatious . . . and maybe a little shy and mysterious.

A woman named Kristen Hancher who posts style photos on Instagram says it's definitely now a "thing."

Quote, "It feels more natural than to just pose.  There's some seductive implication as well, considering it brings focus towards the lips, but it also helps frame your face." (Buzzfeed)

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