Strange Brew in Downtown Binghamton has announced that they are expanding their business by opening another location across the street from the Security Mutual Building at 101 Court Street.  Strange Brew "Grab and Go" is expected to open in December.

Strange Brew's new location will initially offer hot coffee and tea and a selection of pastries similar to their current location at 137 Washington Street in Binghamton.  The big difference is at "Strange Brew Grab and Go"  the emphasis will on mega fast service so people on the clock or on their way to work or on a break can come in and get quick service and be on their way as fast as possible. Speaking with Roger Neel on News Radio 1290 WNBF owner Alex Bartashoff says Strange Brew "Grab and Go"will provide delicious coffee and tea for people who want top quality and quick service.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

Strange Brew "Grab and Go" will be in the same 101 Court Street location as Laveggio Roasteria had been but has moved to another location.  At Strange Brew on Washington Street, Binghamton along with a big selection of coffee and tea visitors can order breakfast all day and plenty of other sandwiches and meals for lunch as well.  Patrons can eat in or take out.  Also offered are a variety of fresh baked pastries and desserts.

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