I have always heard the idea that you shouldn't wash your hair every day because it isn't good for the natural oils!! However, I have NEVER heard of washing your body too much... It seems that your body gets dirty even if you don't sweat because it's constantly moving, coming in contact with stuff, etc.!

Well apparently none of that is true! (minus the fact that you shouldn't wash your hair every day, that is true!!) We're all washing our bodies too much, specifically our arms, legs & crotch hahah!


So why are we not supposed to wash our arms, legs & crotch every day...??

Your arms and legs are very similar in this situation. They don't produce that much oil, so you don't need to scrub them with soap every time you shower. By scrubbing them every time you're in the shower it's drying our skin out... especially in winter! You mainly just need to always use soap on your SMELLIEST parts (ie. your armpits, butt, and feet haha!)

And now we move onto the crotch... It is perfectly okay to wash your crotch with water as much as you want. But again, you don't always need to use soap, because it dries your skin out.

So basically when showering it is about using your best judgement... did this part get sweaty and dirty today?? If not just use water to rinse. I know it may seem gross to pick this trait up, but you never know the true benefits for your skin until you try it!!