Yesterday was "Blue Monday" because it's the most DEPRESSING day of the year. They say it's because Christmas is gone and all that's left is the debt. The weather is cold and the days are short. Oh yeah, let's not forget about all the New Year's resolutions that you didn't keep.

That was yesterday, so today let's celebrate something totally different that will bring a smile to your face. Today (1/21) is Squirrel Appreciation Day. It's a lot like Groundhog Day because it's an under-appreciated day that has to do with varmints.

Let's celebrate with these fun squirrel facts...mildly amusing facts...okay, okay, something that will pass the time at work.

They can ALL water ski...but they don't show off like your crazy buddy.

They're tiny, covered in hair and can be aggressive. I'm glad none of my relatives are like that. That's right, they aren't aggressive.

Squirrels defend themselves by scratching and biting. They are known as the "Jerry Springer Show" of the animal kingdom.

Chipmunks are like most squirrels...except they have stripes, make terrible kids movies and sing Christmas songs.

By the way, I want to say "Thank You" to my daughter, Tara for the squirrel pen that she got me for Christmas. She says that I have the attention span of a...I'm sorry what.


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