If you're finding yourself celebrating the holidays alone this year whether because you happen to be newly single or you can't afford a plane ticket home next week, there are tips and tricks to help you deal with the loneliness as best as possible, thanks to Bustle.

  • Start your own holiday traditions which you can then enjoy every year whether you're alone or not. Maybe you can get a hot chocolate late Christmas Eve and walk around downtown to admire the festive lights, or you can make a point to drive through the neighborhoods and see everyone's decorated houses!
  • Volunteer to help those less fortunate than yourself this year during the winter season by serving dinner at a local food bank or become a bell ringer for the Salvation Army!
  • Reach out to people you've lost touch with as they may be thinking about you and others that they have lost touch with, too. Life can sometimes get away from us, but if you don't reach out to those you miss now, when would be a better time? Do it during the holidays when they might be feeling lonely as well.

While some of us will be spending the holidays with our families, others may be alone this time of the year, so if you know anyone that can't make it home to their families this year, think about welcoming them into your home and share your food, family and love with them next week.

(via Bustle)

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