This past weekend was the end of Daylight Saving Time and on Saturday we set those clock back one hour!! But do you actually know what Daylight Saving Time is or how it started or even how to fully utilize it?? That's why we're here to help!

Daylight Saving Time started with a mister Benjamin Franklin during his nine years as American ambassador to France! His thought process was that the economical project would diminish our cost for light at a time when the days have the most light. He suggested people get up earlier to make better use of available light and save on candle wax.

Joe Raedle/ Getty Images
Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

The ending of DST also generally signifies that winter is slowly around the corner. However, there are a number of states that do not participate in this tradition such as Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin islands, Guam, and Utah is even considering the ending its participation.

So how do we make sure we make the most of this hour we are finally given back? Well according to the new survey, "Finally Light Bulb Daylight Saving Time Survey" conducted by PR Newswire, 49% of people say they hate when we set the clocks back. It throws off their daily routine, especially their sleeping routine where two-thirds of people say it actually makes them sleepier!!

The survey also found the top things we do once it starts getting dark earlier....

1. Watch more TV, 59%.

2. Spend more time on the Internet, 41%.

3. Decorate our houses, 40%.

4. Actually use the fireplace for a fire, 36%.


Whatever you decided to do with that extra hour, make the most of it! Whether you sleep longer, drink longer, spend more time with family... WHATEVER hahah!!! All I know is I slept in a little extra longer and that was absolute perfection!


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