How far would you go to make your children happy? I think most parents would go to great lengths. I one time I spent the night sleeping on the sidewalk in New York City waiting in line to take my daughter Alexis to see 5 Seconds of Summer performing on the Today Show. I would say that was quite an adventure. But I'm not sure I would do what this one father did!

Roger Fraser, is a 37-year-old father from Tennessee, who has two daughters that love the band One Direction and are super fans. So when Roger heard that a radio station in Indiana was holding a contest that had dad's dressing up as die hard One Direction fans and the winner was going to receive VIP tickets to their concert. So he went and got a permanent one direction tattoo because he thought that would definitely put him over the edge and win those VIP concert tickets.

It probably would have worked however Roger ended up being disqualified after getting the tattoo. Apparently he didn't read the fine print which indicated that you had to be a resident of Indiana to win and since he was from Tennessee he couldn't win the tickets. He ended up buying his daughters tickets to the show and he's pretty much stuck with a tattoo. For all of this I think he should win 'Father of the Year Award'!

What crazy things have you done to make your kids happy?