Broome County has two more fatalities to add to the list of deaths associated with the coronavirus pandemic.  September 7, the county reported the death toll had risen to 361.  There were 40 new cases from Monday, September 6 but the number of cases reported on Friday, September 3 had jumped by 115. Broome now has had 20,921 cases since the start of the pandemic. As of the afternoon of September 7, 797 of those cases are active.

Getty Images/sonreir es gratis
Getty Images/sonreir es gratis

Cortland County September 7 reported three deaths for a total of 69. Cortland had 14 new cases for a total of 5,182 since the start of the pandemic.

Chenango County Health officials are starting to publicize how man of the new COVID-19 cases in its daily updates are so-called breakout cases or new cases in people who are fully vaccinated.  In the September 7 report, 24% or 23 of the 51 new cases were in vaccinated people. Chenango County has had 3,977 cases of COVID-19. Deaths remain at 82. Health officials apparently responded to several comments on the daily facebook postings asking if any of the new cases were in people who had gotten the vaccine.

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Authorities point out that while there are new infections being reported in people who have gotten the vaccine, those people are not becoming seriously ill, requiring hospitalization and intubation and there have been no deaths reported in the breakout cases.

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