Joyce Mitchell will be in front of the parole board once again this week. Will she be granted parole this time?
 According to the Plattsburgh Post Star, the fifty-five-year-old civilian prison worker who was convicted of aiding the two men to break out of the Clinton Correctional facility is up for parole for the third time.

Joyce Mitchell helped Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from prison back in 2015. She was sentenced to two and a third to seven years in jail for helping them escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora. Her sentence was for promoting prison contraband and facilitating criminal activity.

She was previously denied parole twice. Once in February and another in August of 2017. She will go back in front of the parole board this week for the third time.

The Clinton County Sheriff states that Mitchell should not be paroled because of the number of resources used for the manhunt and to protect the surrounding communities. If she didn't aid the fugitives, they would have never had the opportunity to escape.

Do you think that Joyce Mitchell should be granted parole?

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