If you've been talking to someone for the last couple of weeks online, and you both decide to meet up for a date in person, what is the worst thing that could happen for you? You might think it would be your date never showing up. Bustle and Mashable's Rachel Thompson, explain that cloaking, which is the newest dating term, is much worse than being stood up on a date.

Cloaking is when your date not only doesn't turn up for your date with them, but then blocks you on all social media platforms that you two had been communicating with them on, effectively making themselves invisible to you. Think of it as Harry Potter using the invisibility cloak, you can't see him anymore, and when you've been cloaked by someone, you can no longer see or speak to them either.

On the bright side, now that there is a dating term for someone doing this, singles can learn to recognize it and call someone out for it if they have to in order to inform others of the behavior. A bad dating experience can always be made better when you know others have had that same experience as well. You're definitely not crazy.

(via Bustle)

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