The spotted lanternfly has become one of the most invasive species of all time over the last few years, and they love eating your trees.

The spotted lanternfly is especially fond of eating sap, and the Department of Environmental is warning fans of real Christmas trees.

The fly has been spotted, no pun, in Pennsylvania multiple times since 2014, and is a real threat to New York State. The fly has been spotted here in the Empire State at least two times in the last year in Albany and Yates counties.

According to the DEC a tree with spotted lanternfly eggs was purchased in New Jersey last year. The DEC also says the eggs will stay dormant until they are introduced to a warm climate, which could be your living room!

Lawrence Barringer, Pa. Dept. of Agriculture
Lawrence Barringer, Pa. Dept. of Agriculture

If you find a lanternfly or egg masses, take a photo and email it to DEC’s lanternfly email, Please include the location with address, intersecting roads or landmarks in the email.

The DEC also encourages people who discover the fly to crush and kill it with isopropyl alcohol. Real tree purchasers should also make sure their Christmas tree wasn't grown in a quarantined area.

[via Lite 987]

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