All of the romantic holidays have passed now that Valentine's day was over a month ago. Brit.Co has a few ways in which you can keep the romance alive with your partner and celebrate your relationship even though there is no holiday coming up to tell you that you have to.

  • Plan an unforgettable date and go somewhere new or try something that you two have never tried before! Valentine's day was nice because you got to dress up nicely and go out to a restaurant you don't normally go to. Why does that have to be only once a year? Try to make that a monthly date night.
  • Give yourselves something to look forward to by planning a trip for Spring break or for any other time of the year.  Go somewhere just the two of you and a long weekend. Consider a cruise or a cabin by a lake, anywhere that you two can get away and relish in your relationship for a few nice days.
  • Practice small acts of love by showing your partner how much they mean to you in little ways. My favorite part of Valentine's day is getting a handwritten card, so consider writing your better half a little note on a random Tuesday reminding them of just how much you love them.

While Valentine's day is so nice, celebrating your love all year 'round is even better.

(via Brit.Co)

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