You didn't think BTS would drop the latest and last in their historic Love Yourself album with no big surprises, did you?

Proving previous rumors about a potential collaboration with Queen star Nicki Minaj, the U.S. rapper does indeed appear on the South Korean group's new album, Love Yourself: Answer.

Minaj is featured on a special version of the boys' new single, "IDOL," on which she provides a fiery intro—referencing her own single, "Chun-Li"—and English-language verse:

Uh what’s good, Korea
You know I've been a boss for my whole career
I’m 'bout to Jet in the leer
And put more than my hands in the air
Hands in the air, put your hands in the air
If you getting money, rubber bands in the air
Never gave an F, they can cancel my care
'Cause if he look good, throw my pants in the air
I’m here word to John Mayer
Barbie’s a wonderland my face is top tier
I swear watch the ice glare
They be like I’m Gucci but don’t shop there
One time, press rewind
Tryna come up off Nicki name press decline
So much power in the mind, yes divine
Take your change you’ll never be next in line

According to K-pop critic Tamar Herman on Twitter, the version of "IDOL" featuring the rapper is located at the end of Disc 2 on streaming platforms.

Listen below:

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