A bride was shocked after she learned her soon-to-be-husband was bald. Unfortunately, the reveal happened on the day of the ceremony, so she called the wedding off.

The ceremony was reportedly underway in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India, when the groom suddenly fainted on his way to the altar, according to the Mirror.

As he fell, his wig reportedly fell off, revealing he was bald.

Feeling she was lied to, the bride was so outraged she ultimately decided not to go through with the marriage.

Her family begged her to reconsider, but she wouldn't budge. The matter was eventually taken to the police.

A panchayat meeting was called to discuss the ordeal. According to Merriam-Webster, a panchayat is "a village council in India" consisting of a "group of five influential older men acknowledged by the community as its governing body."

Vaibhav Nagare via Unsplash
Vaibhav Nagare via Unsplash

"Cases are heard in open meetings in which all members of the caste group concerned are entitled to take part," the Mirror reports. "Types of offenses adjudicated in meetings of the panchayat are breaches of eating, drinking, or smoking restrictions; infractions of marriage rules; breaches of a caste's customs in feast; breaches of its trade rules," and so on.

During the meeting, both parties' families agreed to call off the wedding and the groom's family was forced to pony up the money spent on the wedding.

The bride's uncle said the groom's family "should not have hidden the fact that [the groom] was bald," the outlet reports.

"If they would have told us about the groom's baldness, we could have mentally prepared the bride and she would not have been shocked," he added. "You cannot expect a marriage to start on falsehood."

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