The days of cutting out those annoying box tops to get money for your kid's school is over. They have now come into the digital age. In the past, families were to cut out the box tops on certain products, bring them in to school with their kids and when they were turned in, money would be added to the school. Now it is even easier for your school to earn money for their school.

According to WFLA, there is now an app that will help parents earn cash for their kid's school. In making it more convenient, and to raise more money, the new way of collecting is the future. Now families can earn the Box Tops by purchasing the products that now have the new digital box top label.

box top digital

Families can earn ten cents with each participating product by scanning it in and going directly to the school of choice online. All you have to do is download the app through the ITunes App Store or Google Play store.

The traditional way is still valid until they are all expired.

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