I have never been Black Friday shopping.... I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT!!!!! We always spend Thanksgiving in the Adirondack's and the closest mall is a few hours away so we just never bothered. I am, however, a BIG fan of cyber Monday (probably because I don't have to deal with crazy shoppers in person haha).

Well whether you like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or both... you need to know the sales and deals going on those days or else what is the point of shopping. These two days are specifically designed to take advantage of crazy low prices and discount deals, so we're going to make sure you know your s*** But how much do the deals actually change from year to year....?!

Black Friday Bargain Hunters Hit The Streets
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Now the full Black Friday deal list is now out yet, but the Wall Street Journal did a little homework for you guys to see where this years deals will compare to last years!! & sadly... they look almost identical to every other year haha!

So the study compared the 2014 Black Friday ads from Best Buy, Macy's, Target, Walmart, Kohl's, and J.C. Penney with their 2015 ads. The study found that nearly 80% of the products were IDENTICAL!!!!!! And 43% of the prices that they promoted were also identical.

The only logic that makes sense on why the prices stay the same is because these are generic gifts. And i don't mean generic as in they're bad, but generic like a TV, power tools, shoes, etc. These are all gifts that aren't specific to what is going on or the trends so they have more control over the price!

But regardless, you should try and participate in either Black Friday or Cyber Monday and take advantage of some of these deals!!!


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