If you're an extroverted person who is interested in taking someone more reserved and introverted out on a date, you may be at a loss on where to go. Bustle came up with some brilliant date ideas for an introverted person that you would enjoy as well as someone who's more extroverted!

  • Go see a movie which seems like a cop out for any planned date, but for someone who enjoys the company of others, but maybe not the social pressure to keep the conversation going for hours? A movie is probably their favorite date activity.
  • Explore a local bookstore because that will help you get to know your date further by seeing what section they go to first, and what books catch their eye. Deeper, more meaningful conversations will develop from there and small talk will go right out the window!
  • Stargazing is another great activity that someone who dreads small talk and forced social situations would probably enjoy. Going out away from the city to look up at the stars is also incredibly romantic, and no one can resist that.

Wherever you decide to take your date should require a conversation in order to make it a good experience for both of you, but there will always something that you can do together and will both enjoy.

(via Bustle)

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