Ariana Grande and Cashmere Cat are two peas in a musical pod, working together time and time again — first on My Everything's "Be My Baby" in 2014, and then a year later on the more left-of-center "Adore."

For their third go-around, Ari's linked up with the Norwegian DJ-producer for a massively dramatic song called "Quit" from his debut studio album 9, dropping tomorrow (Apr. 28) — and it very well may be their best collaboration yet.

"I can't quit you," the ponytail princess painfully croons on repeat across the moody production, vaguely recalling vocal powerhouse Sia in moments. A coincidence? Think again: yes, the "Chandelier" pop penner is indeed responsible for writing this one. (Sia's own demo of the song also already leaked in low quality months ago.)

Know when someone's so good, but so, so bad for you? Ari sure does: "They say: 'No, don't pick up the phone, let them think there's nobody home'/ But I'm under your spell," she laments. (There's actually a medical term for this condition: dickmatized.)

The melodies are excellent (duh, it's Sia) and the vocals are stellar (duh, it's Ariana) — just brace yourselves for a tropical beat drop. This is the year 2017, after all.

"Quit" is officially out in some territories already like New Zealand. It'll hit streaming in the U.S. by midnight tonight. Listen below, and watch Cashmere Cat premiere the song live at his show in Pittsburgh earlier this week.

An Ari Ponytail for Any Occasion:

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