Did you know that Ariana Grande and Binghamton were linked for one fleeting day this Halloween?

No, the international pop star did not stop by the Southern Tier, but her costume was a direct shout out to The Twilight Zone, which was the creation of Binghamton native Rod Serling and a show that she is apparently a pretty big fan of.

According to The Daily Dot, the episode of 
The Twilight Zone Grande was referencing is called "Eye of the Beholder":

In the classic 1960 episode, a woman named Janet Tyler undergoes yet another surgery to transform her face to look “normal,” but it’s revealed the surgery failed and she is still conventionally beautiful in a world where the majority have pig-like noses and misshapen lips. And that’s made her an “outcast.” -- Audra Schroeder, The Daily Dot

Pretty interesting stuff! It looks like whoever helped her do all the necessary makeup did a good job too:

Many people didn't seem to get the reference, with The Daily Dot's report listing that several thought that Grande was referring to her pet pig Piggy Smallz, or a lyric from one of her songs, which reads, "She is a pig." However, it seems that Grande was a pretty big fan of the whole Twilight Zone aestetic, mentioning in tweets that she spent much of her day watching classic episodes of the show and decorating her home in the style:

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