This past year has seemed more political than most years, am I right? It's all finger pointing and "he said", "she said", and frankly, it is exhausting! Bustle has come up with a few ways that we can all take a break from the political nonsense. Here are a few of those ideas.

  • Go for a walk outside since the weather has been so nice lately. Leave your phone at home (or at least put it on airplane mode) so that you can unplug for an hour in hopes of escaping all the jibber jabber of what is going on in the White House.
  • Read a book and power down your computer for the time that you're reading and in another world of sorts. It's good for you, and for your computer!
  • Find yourself a pet if you don't already have one. Go to an animal shelter and choose a little guy who needs a home. He will distract you from politics better than anything else can.
  • Take an exercise class or join a gym because then for at least an hour a day you'll be focused on getting a runner's high and not about what in the world Donald Trump is doing.

This past election was especially trying on all of us, so any form of relaxation or distraction will do us all a world of good.

(via Bustle)

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