A first kiss with someone new could be a make-or-break moment. If that kiss is awful, you may never see that other person again. Do you know if you're a good kisser? Bustle has a few sneaky ways to tell if you are or not, without having to ask your partner.

  • You get a good rhythm going instead of a few scattered kisses with your partner trying to pull away, you get into a good rhythm where your partner kisses you back.
  • Your heart rate increases because kissing is something exciting and fun! If there is a lot of anticipation for the kiss beforehand, that definitely helps as well.
  • You're both smiling when you two (finally) pull away from each other.
  • Your partner can't seem to get enough of you or kissing you, that's probably the best indication. If you were awful at it then they probably wouldn't want to keep on kissing you!

A good kiss is never guaranteed, even if you are a good kisser. Chemistry contributes a lot to it though. Regardless, relax and enjoy it. Someone wants to kiss you! That's great!

(via Bustle)

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