An alpaca that attended a celebrity birthday party in Korea earlier this month has gone viral on social media. (If this isn't peak 2020 then we don't know what is.)

It looks like social distancing rules were not followed by a few Korean stars amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic after they held a party at a cafe on May 9. Images taken at the event showed there was a large crowd of attendees and revealed that no one was wearing masks nor were they practicing social distancing.

According to reports, actresses Lee Min Jung and Kim Hee Jung were in attendance, as well as After School member Lee Joo Yeon and T-Ara singer Hyomin. Many of them have since apologized for the controversial outing, however, the most surprising part in all this was the adorable alpaca that was also present at the party.

Though many expressed concern about the animal's safety, others are completely obsessed with it... so much so that the word "alpaca" started trending on Twitter with users sharing their hilarious reactions to the surprise guest.

"you’re telling me an alpaca attended a birthday party with bunch of celebrities while I’ve been stuck at home for 2 whole months with no human interaction life really has favorites," one person wrote.

Check out some more tweets, below:

It turns out, the alpaca was famous before the party. According to Korea Boo, her name is Paca and she has nearly 5000 followers on Instagram.

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