Spring is finally here. Thank goodness. Yes, it's been a long winter and a spring that has given us below average temperatures and snow. Not exactly the type of season we wanted to deal with.

And with the pandemic hitting us just as spring began, it seems this season is never ending, but now that the temperatures are rising and we're seeing some bright sunshine, hopefully things will begin to look up.

Most states are slowly opening back up, including New York and Pennsylvania, and that's a good thing. Normally at this time of year, our thoughts are geared towards things like graduations, vacation planning, outdoor sporting events and planning your concert scheduling.

Well, not this year so much. Yes, you can still plan a vacation, but it may not be where you had hoped to visit, if you take a trip out of town. There will be places to go, but there will also be many restrictions and rules to abide by. Attending sporting events...nope.

Concerts are toast for the time being. Live shows are a big part of many of us during the summer season. So many outdoor events that we attend will not happen this year. We kind of take them for granted that they will always be around. Surprise.

But, that doesn't mean we have to be stuck at home all summer. There will be activities we can all enjoy, just at a distance. Have you thought of, or made any plans for this altered summer?

For me, weekend and vacation camping where I have a travel trailer will be my getaway destination. Even there, I will be following new rules and regulations set in place for the season. It sure is a different world we are living in, and summer may just be a bit of a challenge.

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