If you have a student (or you are a student) that is looking to score some scholarship money, the Erie County Agricultural Society would like to hear from you.

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Scholarships are so important if you're planning on going to college.  Just ask someone who is still trying to pay off their student loans now if they regret not writing more essays to score some scholarships while they were in high school.  Student tuition, room and board, and books add up real quick.

There's Good News!

If you are looking for a scholarship, the Erie County Agricultural Society has an opportunity for you.

They're looking to give out $40,000 worth of scholarships to students who have taken part in the Erie County Fair or are pursuing an agriculture related career..  According to a press release, "the goal of the scholarship program has been to connect the region's students with agriculture, business, and volunteerism."

There Are Two Types of Scholarships:

They're giving scholarships in two different categories.

1.) The Erie County Fair Scholarships - These scholarships will be given to students who are currently enrolled or will be enrolling in a college or university.  They're looking for students who have participated in the Erie County Fair in some capacity.  Participation includes, but is not limited to, employment, exhibition, volunteering, marching band, or other performances.

2.) The Erie County Agricultural Society Scholarship - These scholarships are meant for students who are pursuing an agriculture related career.  You will have to be enrolled in a college or university and be able to describe how your field of study will help you in your agricultural endeavors.  Applicants will have to show participation in the Erie County Fair or Erie County Agricultural Society sponsored activities.

How Do You Apply For The Scholarship?

They just made the applications available online.  You can also find them at certain high schools and colleges.  You must have them postmarked by April 14,2023.  Contact mlucero@ecfair.org with any questions.

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