Every time I walked outside yesterday, (Thursday) I felt like I was walking into a hot oven. It was way too hot for me. I like it when the temperatures are in the 70's.

So, how hot was it yesterday? The National Weather Service in Binghamton issued a heat advisory for most of our area yesterday. With average temperatures around 90, the heat index made it feel much warmer than that. In fact, Syracuse yesterday felt like 99° with the heat index.

Five communities in the Southern Tier region made the list for the warmest areas yesterday. According to the National Weather Service, Norwich felt like 96 degrees yesterday. They said with the heat index Endicott made it feel like it was 95, Cortland came in at 91, and the heat index at the Binghamton Regional Airport reached 90.

The local community with the highest heat index yesterday was Sydney where are the National Weather Service said it felt like 98°.

If you're like me and you are not a fan of the hot weather, there is a little bit of relief in sight. According to the National Weather Service, the high temperatures for Monday and Tuesday I the Binghamton area will only reach 79 degrees.

Until then, I hope you are able to spend your days in air conditioned comfort, in a pool, or at least in the shade over the next few days.

And as a side note, don't ask someone if it's hot enough for them. It's not funny, actually it's pretty annoying.

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