I can almost hear your eyes rolling as I write about holiday shopping before Halloween but I swear there's a good reason. Thanks to the awful and unrelenting disappointment that is 2020 there's a belief that this could be one of the hardest years ever to get highly sought after gift items. Here's a list of five items that are expected to be sold out the fastest. So if these are on your loved ones wish lists you better get a move on!

According to Laura Daily of the Washington Post these items could be tough to come by the closer we get to the holidays:

Fitness Equipment - Let's be honest these items always seem to fly off store shelves in time for "New Years Resolutions" but considering that even the biggest gym rats are spending more time working out at home it makes sense home gym stuff will sell fast.

Puzzles and Board Games - Turns out people still use these. I thought they were all on our phones?

Video Game Systems - The Nintendo Switch is the hottest at the moment but with the PS5 and XBOX series X coming out they will all be tough to come by.

Craft supplies - Since my kid works at a craft store I can verify this. People are stocking up on yarn and whatnot.

Spices - Turns out that during the quarantine and social distancing everyone thinks they're the next great chef so be aware of spices as a good gift idea but also one that will sell fast.

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